Mona Gamaleldin

Solar Empire Travel thank you for this fantastic trip to Malaysia it was exciting and many thanks to the tour guide who was very helpful he did every thing to make us happy and comfortable………than you all

- Mona Gamaleldin
Saper Ramzy

In the safari you enjoy with landcrousers cars climbing mountain and riding camels .and see how the bedwen bread is made and visit the wel in dessert .the trip inclouding a lunch…..nice trip

- Saper Ramzy
Afaf Hamou Tahra

I confirm what Amr is sharing, this is one of the best trip I’ve done in my life if not the best. I was moooore than satisfied . I was afraid to travel with an agency in Egypt, but I took the risk and I was not disappointed. What is clear is that I would recommend this agency to everyone I know. I visited every place mentioned in the trip. the guide did everything to satisfy the whole group, although we had different opinions, different ages and very different interests. he DAILY made sure that everyone is well back at night, even during the free days, he was recommending where to go for shopping, and restaurant, took pictures, ………while he is not obliged to do it. This is what differentiates an agency of another. Thanks for the whole group and a special thank you to the Guide, who did everything to make this trip a dream for every member of the group.

- Afaf Hamou Tahra
Toka E. Mohamed

I went to a very well organised trip with a wonderful group .. A special thanks to a very helpful, respectful and friendly tour leader .. it was the first time for us and inshallah will not be the last

- Toka E. Mohamed
Hima Aiji Ren

This is a good travel agency in Egypt,we love solar empire

- Hima Aiji Ren
Marwa Fayek

They did not commit to the program. And the guides were not available most of the time

- Marwa Fayek
Haitham ELzoghby

This trip in few words. Perfect group, friendly tour guide, amazing city. Thanks solar empire

- Haitham ELzoghby